How do we get past that nagging self doubt when it rears it’s ugly head? Here area few tips to help you become more confident in your abilities whether it’s with a business project, delivering a speech, or getting the best out of your workout routine.

Realize that when you doubt your own power and ability, you are giving power to the doubts you feel. You do so until they take over and prevent you from actually taking action and trusting your own instincts. When given opportunities, you shy away from them instead of seizing them. All because you are doubting yourself for any sort of reason. Here are five ways to push past feelings of self-doubt.

1. Ground Yourself. If you are finding that you are being pulled into negative thoughts that are rooted from past experiences, staying present is key to finding the positive. Bring yourself to what is right in front of you and try not to worry about the past or the future.

2. Balance The Negative. If you find that inner negative thoughts are coming into your mind, try to battle them with your own chants of self-praise. Think of positive things to say to yourself and make them affirmations that you love about yourself.

3. Take A Break. If you feel overwhelmed, take some time go away form the project and focus on other things to get a new perspective.

4. Nurture Yourself. Make sure you give yourself enough time to take care of yourself, because if you aren’t healthy, how can you expect to perform?

5. Connect With Others. While it is important to focus on yourself, it is also important to try to connect with others to build your own support system.