About Our Personal Trainers

Discover the exceptional personal trainers at GoddessFit.

We exclusively hire the best, prioritizing our clients’ needs. Our trainers possess a wealth of knowledge, skill, education, and experience. They are dedicated to working closely with you, fostering focus, comfort, and excitement as you conquer your fitness goals.

GoddessFit personal trainers are professionally certified and credentialed.

  • American Council on Exercise
  • Registered Dietician
  • Power Plate Certified
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • Cooper Institute Trained Wellness Coach
  • American Academy of Sports Dieticians and Nutritionist

Our trainers’ education and experience includes:

  • Setting and maintaining good fitness levels
  • Weight loss and nutrition counseling
  • Prenatal and after baby fitness
  • Catering for individual health conditions
  • Senior fitness and functional training
  • Wedding/reunion/military entrance prep
  • Injury prevention and training women for post-rehab
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