Personal Training for Women by GoddessFit

We Specialize in Fitness Training For Women in a FUN and Private Setting – Located in Austin, Texas

Wondering how you’ll find time for fitness training? Congratulations! You just did. At GoddessFit we know every minute of your day is precious. That’s why we focus on getting you results with our customized fitness training programs for women only. We provide a non-judgmental atmosphere, where training is fun and educational, and we develop our clients’ independence and knowledge.

The GoddessFit Experience

GoddessFit is a place to get away from it all: leave your worries behind, have fun and get in shape.

The real secret of the unique GoddessFit experience is the gentle encouragement and undercurrent of support you’ll find here. We’re not simply a women’s gym: we train both the mind and the body in nutrition, exercise and the development of a positive attitude. From the workout philosophy to the décor, everything is different at this by-appointment fitness haven.

We Specialize in Personal Fitness Training in Austin Texas

Complete Wellness & Fitness Training

Our trainers inspire and educate.

Cutting edge equipment & training.

Spacious and welcoming showers mean you can fit in a workout then head to the office.

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