Nutritional Services

*Nutritional Initial Consultation – Complete all paperwork and discuss your health goals and concerns in a 50-minute session.

* Nutritional Functional Evaluation – Fill out a confidential online symptoms questionnaire and a three-day food journal. Following a thorough assessment of your paperwork, experience a two-hour hands-on evaluation including palpations of neuro-lymphatic reflexes, neuromuscular reflexes, and nutritional reflexes. The functional evaluation also features lingual-neuro testing.

*Follow up Appointments – Receive guidance on implementing your personalized plan to achieve your nutritional goals and receive support during your transition to balance your body’s possible deficiencies in a 30-minute session.

* Nutrition Bundle – Get the complete package with an initial consultation, functional evaluation, and three follow-up appointments.

* RESTART program – Join a five-week program that combines nutritional education, sugar detox, and a support group, offering your body a break from processing toxins like excess processed sugar. With a built-in three-week sugar detox, the program focuses on using real food to boost energy and combat sugar and carb cravings. Discover the wonderful benefits of feeling good

*Grocery Store Tour – Learn how to navigate grocery store marketing schemes and decipher confusing labels to choose the best nutrient-dense foods.

*Pantry or Refrigerator Makeover – Achieve a simple, healthy home by rearranging your kitchen to optimize nutritional choices and ensure easy accessibility to the right items.

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